PICAT: Pembroke letter to Camarthen Magistrates Court – booking in the information laying

Dear Carmarthen Magistrates’ Court

I would be most grateful if, at your earliest convenience, you could
advise me with respect to a suitable time and date (on or after Monday
the 25th instant coming) when I, together with some friends and
colleagues, might attend at the court for the purpose of laying a
criminal information, further and pursuant to our rights generally and
the provision of CrimPR rule 7.2(1)(/b/) in particular.

We would greatly prefer that the matter be put before and considered by
at least a single justice of the peace, but of course recognise the
delegated power of a Justice’s Clerk (or for that matter a duly
authorised Clerk’s Assistant) to hear and deal with our submissions in
their place, if you so prefer and insist.

There is no relevant legislation prohibiting the laying of our
information, and as to the separate matter of consents to prosecute, we
propose to deal with that in our submission. We anticipate that those
submissions ought not to occupy the court’s time for longer than approx.
20 minutes.

Thanking you in anticipation of your earliest response,

yours sincerely

for and on behalf of
Pembrokeshire Picat Group