PICAT:Report from Pembrokeshire Peace Group at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on 20th April 2016

Robbie Manson and Malcolm Grigson were met by a nice administrative
secretary, who accepted the envelope containing our criminal information
and also another one containing a draft copy of a suggested letter to go
to the Attorney-General. Candidly, she admitted that she didn’t know
what it was all about, but that she would see to it that they would go
off to the relevant justice’s clerk (I assume presumably/ possibly Mr
Kray) who had replied in writing to us earlier.

We had a very good time in the lovely weather down at Castle Square, for
about an hour and a half – during which we managed to recruit a further
half-dozen members of the public to sign up to our group’s own letter to
the Attorney-Gen. And also had several very interesting and revealing
conversations with members of the public who stopped and made enquiries
and were always very supportive.

Pics from Castle Square

stall pembrokeshire-peace-group-stall2