Public Interest Case Against Trident – Urgent Press Release

Lessons of Chilcot Report immediately ignored by MPs for Trident vote

14th July 2016
For immediate release

On Monday 18th July it appears that Teresa May’s new government will aim to push through a parliamentary vote on the replacement of Trident whilst a pending court action challenging the very legality of Trident as a weapon of mass destruction, is being held up by the Attorney General.

The Attorney General has failed over several months to respond to requests by the Public Interest Case Against Trident, for required  consent for the progression of the case against the UK’s nuclear weapons in UK courts. Trident has already been ruled illegal in international courts.

Despite all the political chatter about learning lessons from the Chilcot Report, the expected vote to approve a Trident so-called ‘like-for-like’ replacement SLBM weapons system replacement on Monday18th July proves beyond doubt that lawmakers at Westminster are incapable of learning and are once more being easily led to again vote for something illegal, catastrophic and will have its own infinitely long list of victims, perhaps in the many millions – this time though MPs will be ignoring or even worse ignorant of the truth about Trident, which is not hidden or secret – it is widely available to those who care one iota about informed voting and claim to ‘never again’ want to be in the position of having facilitated unforgivable war crimes.

Merely days after the Chilcot Report found that MPs had been duped in to voting  for an illegal act with catastrophic worldwide consequences, causing incalculable suffering to tens of thousands of people – MPs are planning to repeat the mistake by voting for a renewed nuclear weapons arsenal, to the detriment of all life, the planet,  UK society and security, and what is more, in breach of UK and International law.When MPs voted for the invasion of Iraq – the then Attorney General gave advice which was ‘far from satisfactory’, according to Sir John Chilcot. It appears that the current Attorney General is also behaving in a ‘far from satisfactory’ way by effectively blocking a legal action which could alert MPs to the fact that they are being asked, once again, to vote for something illegal in the House of Commons.

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