Sevenoaks PICAT group write to the A-G office 2nd June 2017

Dear Correspondence Unit of the AGO,
I refer to your email dated 31 May 2017 addressed to Ms Zelter of PICAT and regret to note that once again you have given yourself another four weeks to provide a detailed update on PICAT’s request for consent to conduct a prosecution. The giving of the A-G’s actual decision in this matter seems to be as far away as ever.

I am one of the claimants to the proposed prosecution and feel strongly that your email requires a response. PICAT do not intend to make a formal response. It is clear that the A-G is not dealing with PICAT’s request with any urgency and in my opinion he is probably avoiding the announcement of his decision during the election period, which shows a disregard for the public. As a consequence of your unnecessary delay I am making you aware that I have arranged to issue on behalf of PICAT a press release to the media. The press release sets out the extensive time it is taking for you to deal with PICAT’s request and expresses the opinion that the A-G should announce his decision before the election on 8 June 2017. The press release also states that the A-G is not subject to the convention of pre-election purdah over this matter and has a statutory duty to act reasonably.

Should you not agree with the opinions expressed in this email then the best way to show it is to arrange to issue the A-G’s decision without any further delay. With hope we could receive it in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

Jim Pragnell

Sevenoaks Action for Peace