UPDATE ON PICAT – 25th August 2016 – Angie Zelter.


It is time to update you again on the progress of the PICAT project.
Previous updates can be found at:-http://picat.online/project-updates/

A series of letters have gone back and forth trying to make sure that we
get a response from the Attorney-General (A-G) and we have sent more
information as his office was suggesting we had not given enough. And it
now looks as if the 5 groups who have written to the A-G are going to be
dealt with all together.

It looks as if the 5 groups who have written to the A-G so far are
going to be dealt with all together in one combined request for consent
to bring a prosecution of the Secretary of State for Defence.

The 5 groups include Pembrokeshire and West Wales that Robbie will be
representing and Knighton, Norwich and Sevenoaks that Angie has found
legal representatives to act for on a pro bono basis. These supportive
lawyers include a Professor of International Law and a QC so we are
lucky to have their help. Robbie is drafting a response to the last
letter from the A-G’s office and as soon as that has been agreed and
sent off we will put it on the PICAT website at:-http://picat.online/combined-groups/

You can find information on each of the 5 groups at:- Picat Individual Groups

And you can see the series of letters dealing with all the groups on the
website at:- Picat Combined Groups

but the most important ones to look at are at:-

and our reply at:-

followed by the response from the A-G’s office at:-

Robbie is drafting a reply at the moment and when this is sent we will
publish it on the PICAT website:- http://picat.online

It’s not too late to join PICAT and keep pressure on the legal system to deal
with our request for an impartial legal enquiry into the crime of
‘conspiracy to commit a war crime’ that we believe the UK’s Trident
system involves.

Leeds and Bradford groups have started the PICAT process and they can
continue as and when they wish or can jump straight to a request to the
A-G to consider the criminal information (that they will enclose) and to
ask that he give his consent for a court to proceed. If anyone needs
help writing this particular version/short cut to the A-G then I expect
Robbie would be willing to help. He can be contacted at r_manson@sky.com

Of course, going through the whole procedure as outlined at:-
http://picat.online/picat-introduction/ means there is more opportunity for local awareness raising, publicity and local education and any individual or organisation can start or continue the process at any time.

There may be other groups that would like to join in the project and if
so then please contact Robbie at r_manson@sky.com or Angie at

The work of the Sevenoaks group shows how they have used the opportunity
to get letters and coverage in their local press. See the Sevenoaks page
at:- http://picat.online/sevenoaks-group/

The Norwich group are organising a public meeting about the project for
October and details about this will be up on the site shortly.

Let us keep positive and keep up our challenge for our legal system to
uphold the law in the public interest.