Picat Project News – 15 December, 2015

Two groups that we know of have started the PICAT process. One group in Powys,  centred around Knighton – details here,  and another based in Norfolk – details here,  have sent Picat Doc 1 – Letter to Secretary of Defence,to the Minister of State for Defence.
The Knighton group have already received a reply from the Ministry of Defence – read MoD reply here; mod-response-to-sec-of-state-letter-knighton  and will be
approaching their local court to ‘Lay an information‘  in January.

Another group in Pembrokeshire is in the process of gathering signatures to send their first PICAT letter in the New Year.
The Picat letter to the Secretary of State for ‘Defence (Doc 1) was updated on 12th December 2016,  following  the Ministry of Defence’ reply to the original. The updated letter is doc-1-letter-from-group-to-secretary-of-state-for-defence. If you printed Doc 1, or the complete Picat Campaigning document pack prior to 12th December it would be useful to print the updated Doc 1 to replace the original which has now been archived.

We hope more people will join Picat  We need more groups and individuals to get involved so please feel able to
get started. Remember we are on email and the phone if you need further advice.

Introduction to Picat & contact details, here!