Email from Knighton group to Chris Davies MP on 22nd April 2016

Subject: please secure response from AG for constituent
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 12:32:14 +0100
From: angie
To: DAVIES, Chris

Dear Chris, I wrote to the Attorney General on 19th Feb and received a
reply on 23rd February saying my application for the A-G’s consent (for
a private prosecution of the Secretary of State for Defence for
conspiring to commit a war crime) was being passed on to a lawyer. It is
now 2 months later and I have heard nothing else. Given the dangers
inherent in having nuclear weapons (accidents, theft, possible use as
well as the horrific pollution from the mining and manufacture) and the
breaking of the NPT that renewing Trident entails (see current Marshall
Islands case at the International Court of Justice) I would like your
help in gaining a speedy response from the Attorney-General.

In peace and love, Angie Zelter.