Can I take part in PICAT if I’m not resident in the UK?

Q: Do I have to be resident in England, NI or Wales to ‘Lay an Information’ in a UK magistrates court

A:  No you don’t,  You may do it from anywhere you happen to be in the world so long as you solemnly attest to the truth of your allegation.

Bear in mind that, for example most motoring offence summonses in  particular, are nowadays spewed out automatically by a machine in the combined courts’ clerk’s centre concerned, connected via the Internet to  local police traffic HQ and signed offen mass by an authorised clerk’s assistant in bulk loads several hundreds at a time.

It is we who are seeking to solemnise and formalise what has become more typically an automated administrative paper process, in the interests of  creating the sort of judicial forum and consideration which we feel and  know the case deserves.