Continuing unreasonable delay

16th October 2017.

Dear Attorney-General,

Ref: Unreasonable delay to PICAT request for consent to prosecute for
conspiracy to commit a war crime.

I refer to your email dated 5 October 2017 in which you once again
advise that you are not in a position to provide us with a detailed
response to our application for consent to prosecute but will do so as
soon as is practicable.

As part of the formal complaints procedure, we wrote to the Head of
Business Support via the email.
This was answered by Julia Crouch, your Deputy Director of the Public
Law and Litigation Team, and she acknowledged in her letter dated 13
September 2017 that progress in providing us with the A-G's decision was
slower than ideal between March and August in 2017 due to pressure of
other work and the re-allocation of our file to another worker.

It is our contention that by late 2016 you had all the information and
supporting documentation that you could reasonably require in order for
the Attorney General to reach a final decision. While some delay due to
pressure of work can occur this by no means explains the reason for all
of the delay to date. The more this delay is allowed to continue the
more it undermines the A-G's legal duty to us and the public.

Julia Crouch added in her letter that every effort is being made to get
a decision to us as swiftly as possible. I therefore respectfully ask
you, as the Attorney-General, and also Julia Crouch, as the officer in
charge of our complaint, to bring this matter to a conclusion as swiftly
as possible or at least give us a FIRM date when you will.

Yours sincerely, Angie Zelter, for the 5 PICAT groups.