12th April letter to the A-G asking for response to our request to prosecute

12th April 2017

Dear Attorney-General,

Ref: PICAT request for consent to prosecute for conspiracy to commit a
war crime.

I am writing to you to ask when we might expect to receive a response
from the Attorney-General to our request for consent to prosecute the
Secretary of State for Defence and the Prime Minister for conspiracy to
commit a war crime.

As you are aware I sent, on the 4th February 2017, a draft indictment.
This was 10 weeks ago. My first approach to you, however, was in
February 2016 on behalf of the Knighton Action for Peace and Justice and
then in July it was agreed that the requests from all 5 PICAT groups
would be combined. During the year we have sent you all the requested
clarifications and materials that you have asked for. We would now like
to have a response please as the matter is of the utmost urgency.

I would remind you that if Counsel advising the Attorney-General want
easy access to our materials (especially the documents in the 'Evidence'
section) they can find them at:-

Yours Sincerely, Angie Zelter, on behalf of the 5 PICAT groups.