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Rob Edwards Ferret article of 10th Feb 2020

Trident commanders ‘not legally responsible’ for nuclear attack Trident commanders ‘not legally responsible’ for nuclear attack Rob Edwards   Trident submarine commanders unleashing a nuclear attack cannot be held responsible under law for their actions, according to the Ministry of Defence’s…

Evidence 2018+

*Global Security Briefing – January 2018 – Nuclear Posture Review: Sliding Towards Nuclear War? Paul Rogers *Security not Trident – CND publication *Playing with Fire – Nuclear weapons incidents and accidents in the UK – Peter Burt – Feb 2017…

Evidence 2015-2017

Summary-of-prosecutors-evidence-and-other-materials Dr Frank Boulton Expert Evidence Dr. Phil Webber Expert Evidence John Ainslie Expert Evidence including the Duff-Mason Report Dr Nick Ritchie Expert Evidence paul-rogers-expert-witness-report Trident Missile Specifications Other Evidentiary Sources The Defence Council The National Security Council