Author: Angie Zelter

Draft Indictment sent to A-G 4th February 2017

Dear Mr. Hollands, Please find attached a proposed draft. We anticipate that you will take into account that amendments can be made to the particulars. Concerning count 2, we accept that Magistrates’ Courts Act 1980 s. 46 Sched 3 applies…

Response from A-G’s office on 26 January 2017

Dear Ms Zelter Our guidance, both for public prosecuting authorities, such as the Crown Prosecution Service or the Serious Fraud Office, and putative private prosecutors, is that draft charges or an indictment are required with every request for consent.  See…

January 2017 Update on PICAT

Dear All, just to keep you up to date I wanted to let you know that there has been a fair bit of correspondence between PICAT and the Attorney General’s office that you can see on our website at…

Reply of 16th January 2017 to A-G

Dear Mr. Hollands, Thank you for your email which I have communicated to counsel instructed. I understand that they hope to reply within the next 10 days. Thanking you, Angie Zelter.

Taking Theresa May to Court

‘I am taking Theresa May to Court’ – 6th December 2016 article in Third Force News – the voice of Scotland’s Third Sector